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  • karen horst cobb: Meditation on Peas

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Meditation on Peas

    Make Me an Instrument of Peace
    Meditations for God’s Peaceful People

    This weeks meditation: Barnyard Meditation on Peas

    There is a perfect cycle to growing peas. Vegetable scraps are thrown over the fence and gobbled up by hungry goats and chickens. The treats result in dung, filled with potential. A shovel full well placed in the garden nourishes tender sugar snap peas and results in more scraps to throw over the fence ……. The perfection of the cycle is worthy of worship!

    There is a similar cycle to growing peace. Words and actions of peace are distributed across fences. Our efforts always yield results which hold great potential. If lies, violence and war remain in society untouched by the caretakers they become increasingly more offensive, toxic, and repulsive. But, with will and wisdom even the most vile can be used to grow peace and understanding.Today there is a lot of dung and the field is fertile for peace plantings.

    We must place love over the fences and the seeds of our will must fall to the ground and die daily in fertile soil. Let the Sun of God and showers of his blessings build strong plants producing fruit. The cycle continues…Prayer:

    Oh Lord, let my will die in fertile soil and my love reach over fences. May I never grow weary of planting peace - Amen

    Action: Plant a seed of peace today. forward this meditation to those on your e-mail list. Together our small actions can yield a bountiful harvest. This is the first in a series or meditations. Each Saturday ECAPC will provide a peacemaking meditation, prayer and call to action to encourage peacemaking. Print the meditations and pass them along to other church members tomorrow and post them on bulletin boards at church and at work.

    by karen horst cobb and published weekly on http://ecapc.org


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