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    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Meditation: Father's Advice

    A card with just the right sentiment is hard to find but Melvin Horst, my father, deserves a worthy tribute. He was a chicken farmer and is forever a sage. He planted corn and planted the seed which became my faith. Two messages he "drove home" (his expression) have served me well. He said, "Just remember who you are" and when I'm criticized for doing the right thing to "Just live above it."

    His voice followed me as I left the safety of his house to enter the world, "just remember who you are...." The slapping screen door propelled the truth deep into my sprit. I knew I was to remember what I've been taught, don't go along with the crowd, and don't bring shame to my father's name. These are also the admonitions of our heavenly father.

    As a child I practiced living above playground bulling, taunting, and name calling. I tried to turn the other cheek, go the second mile and practice returning kindness for insult and injury.

    As an adult I practiced living above comments and accusations during divorce, rebellious actions of temporally wayward children, and irregular church attendance. Some insults are just tantalizing gossip, some are fueled by envy, some by insecurity, and many by misinformation and ignorance. Love is the answer to them all.

    I write against war and social injustice and speak for peace and compassion for others. I am compelled to try to "drive the message home" on the narrow path which leads to life. In response, I have been called a "a communist", a "socialist" , a "paid propagandist", a "secular humanist", a "fake", a "phony", a "resident of La la land", "a liberal" and deemed "ignorant", "unpatriotic" and "shameful." Learning to "live above it" is a life long education.

    I am encouraged as his words tumble forth, he tosses his head to the side with a shrug and a smile and my father reminds me to , "just live above it... "remember who you are." With gratitude I am forever my Father's child.

    Prayer: Heavenly father whose house is filled with many mansions, we honor your love and compassion as we endure the assaults and insults which circle beneath our feet. We thank you for your secure dwellings in spiritual places where we find rest. Thank you for earthy and heavenly father love. - Amen

    Action: Read about a father who forgives the greatest transgression of all, the brutal killing of his son Nicholas Berg. Michael Berg’s Father’s Day statement can be found at http://bergforcongress.us/events/FathersDay2006.php Read and prayerfully consider signing the voters for peace commitment at http://www.votersforpeace.us/ and share your commitment to peace with others in your own words and in written admonishments from others. Pass it on. http://www.peacefultomorrows.org/article.php?id=543


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